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"The Best in the World or not " Conference

"The Best in the World or not " Conference

We pursue "the best quality in the world" backed by data.

We constantly monitor whether our products are the best within each product category and make it one of our core functions to carry out related verifying activities. A conference called "The best quality in the world or not" is held twice a year. There we assemble competitor products from the market alongside our own to perform various tests on the characteristics of each product. A ranking chart is then created to see if our products are ranked No.1. If a product fails to reach the No.1 rank, engineers are required to put together an action program to improve the product quality so as to be ranked No.1 by the time of the next conference. That is how we pursue "the best quality in the world" based on demonstrable and objective data obtained through "the best quality in the world or not" activities.

Quality Control Supported by the Five Human Senses

Quality Control Supported by the Five Senses of a Human Being

We value skilled work with the hands and the senses.

Although optical and mechanical checking systems are installed to minimize labor, achieve efficiency, and ensure quality, we do not rely solely on mechanical inspections. We believe that inspections carried out using the five human senses are key to ensuring "the best quality". For example, we supply more than 10,000 types of surgical needle used on different parts of the human body by surgeons with various tactile preferences, all of which are subjected to visual inspections in the production process. Products can be delivered to the users only after passing these quality control inspections performed by MANI's skilled workforce.

"The Best Quality in the World" and "Cost Reduction" Led
 by Our Long-Term Improvement Activities

"The Best Quality in the World" and "Cost Reduction" Led by Our Long-Term Improvement Activities

We stick to basic long-trend products.

In order to effectively utilize our limited business resources and to enable long-term manufacturing activities, we have focused on basic long-trend products since our establishment, accumulating original technology and know-how. This accumulated expertise, along with our improvement activity based on long-time manufacturing experience, supports the realization of "the best quality in the world". This product strategy also contributes to cost reduction.

Cooperation with Doctors and Dentists

Cooperation With Doctors and Dentists

We proactively incorporate the voices of our end users.

At the same time as carrying out effective marketing aimed mainly at overseas markets using objective data on "the best quality in the world", we actively undertake direct marketing aimed at Japan’s highly skilled doctors and dentists as an opportunity for researchers to hear the voice of our customers. Based on our belief that products accepted in Japan will be valued in overseas market as well, we actively research and investigate the opinions of end users on what is required of the product. We then use these opinions as input in the development of new products and quality improvement of existing products.

The Right People in the Right Places

The Right People in the Right Places

We emphasize an honest approach to our mission.

Our products are supported by labor-intensive manufacturing processes performed by skilled workers. Dedication, manual dexterity, honesty, and perseverance are therefore crucial qualities for MANI group employees. These are the qualities we emphasize when selecting locations for overseas subsidiaries. As a result, both labor and product quality either equal or surpass our domestic standards.

MANI's Focus Strategy

MANI's Focus Strategy

Clearly defined "off-limits" fields to keep the best quality in the world.

We define clearly fields that are ‘off-limits’ in our R&D Management Rules and follow the rules rigidly. We aim for stable long-term growth by investing limited management resources in the fields where they will be used most efficiently.