Research and Development PolicyPrint

Medical technology worldwide has been evolving at an accelerating pace.
Integrated efforts are leading to ever more sophisticated levels of medical innovation and technology.
Focusing primarily on innovation of therapeutic principles and enhancement of the treatment environment, we bring a novel approach to creating new and unique functions, researching the application of new materials, refining existing functions, and researching peripheral devices.

R&D Policy:
Our R&D is carried out in accordance with the following policy laid down in our R&D Management Rules.
(1) We do not deal in products other than medical devices.
(2) We do not aim for quality other than the best in the world.
(3) We do not deal in products with a short market trend.
(4) We do not enter markets other than niche markets.

Research and Development by Area

In order to cope with change and progress in medical technology, we research products that can form the core of future businesses and developing technology that can support these core businesses in the fields of both general surgery and dental treatment. At the same time, we carry on research and development in existing product improvement technology, production technology, and management technology.
We are currently working on research and development for new product development and existing product improvement in four different areas: surgical devices, ophthalmic devices, needles:eyeless・eyed, and dental devices. We are additionally engaged in patent management, IT system development, and sterilization and safety as common research themes.

Surgical Products

Ophthalmic Products

Suture Needles:Eyeless・Eyed

Dental Products