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Under our corporate philosophy--Contributing to the world's well-being through development, production, and distribution of products beneficial to patients and doctors--we perform R&D, manufacture, and sales of medical devices, dividing our business into three segments: (1) Surgical Products (products related to the surgical and ophthalmic fields) (2) Eyeless Products (Suture Needles:Eyeless・Eyed) and (3) Dental Products.

Surgical Products (surgical instruments, ophthalmic instruments)

This segment includes R&D, manufacture, and distribution activities for the following surgical medical devices and ophthalmic medical devices:

Example products

Surgical instruments
Staplers   Used to staple skin wounds
Microknives Used in CABG surgery
Ophthalmic instruments
Ophthalmic knives   used in cataract operations

We realize excellent sharpness by utilizing our original abrasive technology.
MANI products are widely admired among surgeons.

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Eyeless Products (Suture Needles: Eyeless・Eyed)

This segment includes R&D, manufacture, and distribution activities for the following suture needles:

Example products

Suture needles
Cutting type   Curved triangular pyramid needle with sharp cutting blade
Taper type Curved conic needle with smooth penetrating taper
Trapezoid type Curved spatula needle for ophthalmic use with superb cutting ability

In this area, we research, develop, and sell mainly surgical suture needles.
An eyeless needle is a component of a surgical suture, which requires further processing such as suture attaching and sterilization to be marketed, at customer’s premises. On the other hand, an eyed needle has a through-hole. Threading a needle is conducted at operation site before use by scrub persons.
MANI is the world’s first company that have started using austenite stainless steel to make suture needles. Our suture needles are well accepted for their high ductility, corrosion-resistance, and superior sharpness. We offer a wide range of needles, with more than 10,000 combination of specifications depending on the intended use and operator’s preference, in order to closely respond to doctors’ needs.

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Dental Products (dental therapeutic instruments)

This segment includes R&D, manufacture, and distribution activities for the following dental medical devices:

Example products

Dental instruments
Root canal treatment instruments
Endodontic rotary cutting instruments
Endodontic accessories

We expect increased demand for disposable dental instruments in the context of GDP growth in developing countries and aim to expand our market share further with excellent products such as our reamer files and diamond burs. Specifically in the area of dental root canal treatment instruments, the results of research based on intended use have led us to produce 2,000 types of instrument. We emphasize product development that meets the needs of dental treatment.

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