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1959 Established as MATSUTANI SEISAKUSYO CO., LTD.
1961 Succeeded in producing the world’s first 18-8 stainless steel surgical needle
1966 Concluded research contract with Japan Atomic Energy Institute and started research on cobalt 60 gamma-ray sterilization of surgical needles for the first time in Japan.
1967 Started production and sales of pipe-welded drilled-type 18-8 stainless steel eyeless surgical needles.
1971 Started research into laser drilling technique and into performance and manufacturing methods for dental root canal instruments.
1975 Received Award for Excellence from Secretary General of Small and Medium Enterprise Agency at Japan Trade Fair.
1976 Started production and sales of barbed and square 18-8 stainless steel dental broaches.
1978 Suture needle attaching machine developed and patented (attaching machine/Japan, United States, Britain, Germany, Brazil).
1979 Received Excellent Enterprise Award for prevention of public pollution. Developed production method for dental reamers and files.
1980 Established export division and started direct export including dental reamers and files.
1983 Received Award of Science and Technology Agency for dental products. Started sales of dental reamers and files in Japan at FDI Dental Show in Tokyo.
1984 Received Award of Patent Agency for invention of dental instrument.
1985 Developed production method for diamond dental burs.
1988 Started sales of diamond dental burs developed with high-sphericity and electrodeposition technology.
Kanji Matsutani (then CEO) received award for promoting science and technology.
Received 88th Patent of the Year Award from Patent Agency for invention of dental products.
1989 Received Award of The Medium Business Research Institute.
1991 Manufactured world's smallest drilled eyeless needle (27μm) for trial. Developed manipler (skin stapler).
Developed micro suture needle attaching machine.
1992 Received Patent Agency award for design of manipler (surgical skin stapler) in Kantō Invention Contest.
1993 Started sales of maniplers, dental Peeso reamers, and ophthalmic sutures.
1995 Started sales of dental Gates drills.
1996 Acquired ISO 9001 and CE Marking certification.
1997 Started sales of carbide dental burs.
1998 Started sales of Ophthalmic Knife.
2000 Won patent suit regarding infringement of surgical needle patent. Started sales of dental RT files & D finders.
2001 Started sales of dental stereoscopic microscopes.
Developed grinding and polishing points and post-pins for base.
2004 Acquired ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification.
Started sales of Manipler AZ.
2006 Started sales of Niti files.
2009 Started sales of trocar kit (trocar and cannula) for vitreous surgery.
2013 Started sales of metal skeletons for stent grafts.