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Suture Needles: Eyeless・EyedPrint

Eyeless Needle Instruments
What is Eyeless Needle?
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1. What is an Eyeless Needle?

What is Eyeless Needle?
What is Eyeless Needle?

An eyeless needle is a component of a surgical suture which requires further processing by the customer, such as suture attachment and sterilization. It is different from an eyed needle, which is a finished product.
The main features of MANI eyeless needles are superior sharpness realized by needle shape, design, and silicone-coating technique and high ductility due to the material property hard to break. In order to meet doctors' needs, we offer a wide range of eyeless needles, with more than 10,000 combinations of specifications.
MANI Hard-Fiber Stainless Steel is employed to realize a high ductility and high bending moment.
The needles are roughly classified into taper point needles and cutting needles. Ophthalmic needles are also available.
The specifications vary according to the following: type of needle point, body type, curvature, needle length, wire diameter, hole diameter, with/without coating, and material.

Main Features

  • SharpnessThe balance of needle shape and coating technique enables superior cutting performance.
  • DuctilityMANI Hard-Fiber Stainless Steel realizes higher ductility, resulting in needles hard to break.

2. Taper Point Needle

Taper Point Needle

Curved conic needle with smooth penetrating taper.


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3. Cutting Needle

Cutting Needle

Curved triangular pyramid needle with sharp cutting blade.


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4. Ophthalmic Needle

Ophthalmic Needle

Curved spatula needle for ophthalmic use with superb cutting.


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5. FAQ

  • Is a price list available?
  • We have a wide range of needles with more than 10,000 combinations. The prices vary depending on the various elements, so please contact us regarding specifications and quantity. We apply a discount to volume purchases.
  • What is the difference between type A and type T? They look the same in the catalogue.
  • They both have a taper point and a flat body, but the length of the taper is different. The taper length is six (6) times the wire diameter in type A but 12 times in type T. The same applies to AV and OV; the taper length is six (6) times the wire diameter in AV but 12 times in OV.
  • Can you tell me which type of needle is suitable for which type of surgeon?
  • We recommend T or OV needles for cardiovascular surgeons because of their design and sharpness. T and R needles are well-received by general surgeons. Ophthalmic needles are available in Z, S, X, and V types. We also believe that the choice of needle is greatly affected by the doctor's preference. Besides the above, we have various other types of needle, so please feel free to contact us. We are engaged in ongoing research and development of eyeless needles and we therefore appreciate comments and advice from customers.
  • Do you have ribbed needles?
  • Mani has ribbed needles. Ribbed needle means needle with slight straight dent on the surface.
    Ribbed needles are available for all T needles with wire diameter 0.63 mm or bigger.
    We don’t have ribbed needles for other types of needles such as Reverse cutting needles or Taper cutting needles.
    Please feel free to contact us if you have sample request or questions.

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6. Eyed Needle

MANI Surgical Eyed NeedlesOriginal

MANI Surgical Eyed Needles

We have succeeded in producing the world's first 18-8 stainless steel surgical needles.

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MANI Surgical Eyeless Needles


MANI Surgical Eyeless Needles (Russian)


MANI Surgical Eyed Needles

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