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Surgical Instruments

MANI surgical products have been contributing to the global medical field for more than 50 years through fine processing technology and reliable quality control.

Product List

Manipler S-2

Compact design, consistent performance.

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Manipler AZ

User-friendly, light grip force and better visibility.

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Manipler DSX

Ergonomic design and jamming reduction mechanism.

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MANI Vessel Knife

Jointly developed with a cardiovascular surgeon.

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MANI Disposable Vessel Knife

MANI ENT Knife was developed for the FESS & POSTERIOR NASAL NEURECTOMY which requires longer shaft. Small diameter shaft is designed to secure the view and working space inside the nose.

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MANI Stainless Wire Needle

For sternum closure using MANI product technology.

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Maniceps (For Japanese domestic market only)

This product is only for the domestic market.


Septum Stitch (For Japanese domestic market only)

This needle holder uses a suture with a dedicated needle attached and makes light work of nasal septum sutures.


Stent graft metal skeleton (For Japanese domestic market only)

The picture left shows the metal skeleton of a Najuta stent graft for thoracic aortic aneurysm made by KAWASUMI LABORATORIES, INC.
The essential feature of this stent graft is its skeletal geometry that fits the patient's main artery. This product can be used as an indwelling graft at sites where other companies’ products cannot be implanted.
We supply KAWASUMI LABORATORIES, INC. with bare stents as product components.


Pursuit of Quality

The best quality in the world, to the world.

MANI makes continuous efforts to develop medical devices that meet the delicate sense requirements of the surgeon’s fingers and help reduce patient burden.

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