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The MANI products' catalogue provides information about the proper use of our medical equipments for medical professionals.
Please note that it is not intended to provide information to the general customers.


MANI has wished for humanity's health and contributed to medical care in the world for over half a century.
MANI's medical equipments have gained a great deal of trust in more than 120 contries. We develop and manufacture medical equipments trusted by doctors and patients around the world, and sell them to every corner of the world.

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Surgical Instruments

MANI's Surgical Section provides medical equipment used in surgical operations for incision, cutting, and suture.

Ophthalmic Instruments

Manufactured with unique grinding technology, MANI's Ophthalmic Knife is the best choice for a range of eye surgery including cataract operations.
We aim to make the MANI Ophthalmic Knife the world's sharpest "cutting edge" and receive the backing of numerous surgeons from all over the world.

Suture Needles:Eyeless・Eyed

MANI's world-first eyeless needles, made of Austenite stainless steel, realize high ductility and high corrosion resistance. Laser-drilling technology makes it possible to drill holes of 30-micron diameter on 50-micron wire. MANI delivers worldwide a large variety of eyeless needles with a wide range of specifications adding up to more than 10,000 combinations.

Dental Instruments

Our endodontic instruments, dental rotary instruments, suture instruments, and associated peripheral devices are focused on functionality. In the endodontic field, we offer over 2,000 different products created to fulfill their respective purposes through continuous research and development activities. Our consistent aim is to provide products which satisfy clinical needs.

Exhibitions, Seminars

Our products, including new products, are presented at exhibitions held all over the world. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our high-quality range.

Exhibitions, Seminars

Caution against counterfeit goods in overseas markets

We consider the MANI brand to be an important asset in maintaining and developing our business activities. To protect our brand, we promote international trademark acquisition while taking action against trademark infringement. However, mainly in the Asian market, counterfeits have been found that look almost identical to our dental products and bear the MANI trademark. The quality, reliability, and safety of such counterfeit goods is uncertain and they do not therefore offer a favorable postoperative prognosis. When purchasing MANI products, please pay due attention to counterfeits and select genuine products. Additionally, please note that we assume no responsibility for any accident or inferior prognosis resulting from the use of counterfeit products.
We will continue to tackle this issue in order to protect our customers from counterfeit goods and improve our brand reliability.